Laterality In Sports

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Laterality in Sports

Laterality in Sports
  • Author : Florian Loffing,Norbert Hagemann,Bernd Strauss,Clare MacMahon
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 2016-08-19
  • Total pages : 380
  • ISBN : 9780128016916
  • File Size : 41,8 Mb
  • Total Download : 868

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Laterality in Sports: Theories and Applications summarizes recent research on the neurophysiological foundations of handedness, and how left or right lateralization (affecting primary hand use, foot use, and eye use) affects motor control, performance outcome, skill acquisition, and achievement of sports expertise—both for one-on-one sports and team sports. As laterality research has matured, greater focus has been given to applications in human endeavours and, in particular, sport. The book examines performance within individual sports, and discusses the coaching ramifications of coaching to a specific lateralization preference. Describes the neurophysiological foundations of handedness Discusses the origins and development of laterality in humans Summarizes the impact of laterality on motor control and sports performance Encompasses research on both individual and team sports Includes research on skill acquisition, coaching, and development of expertise Covers research on laterality in preferred hand, foot, and eye use in sports


  • Author : Clare Porac
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 2015-12-22
  • Total pages : 232
  • ISBN : 9780128013571
  • File Size : 53,6 Mb
  • Total Download : 815

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Left-handedness has been connected to many different conditions, traits, and abilities. This is especially true for pathological syndromes, such as schizophrenia, along with learning disabilities and autism. The published research on handedness is vast and frequently contradictory, often raising more questions than providing answers. Questions such as: Is handedness genetic? Can handedness be changed? Are there consequences to training someone to switch handedness? Are there positive traits associated with left-handedness like creativity? Are there negative traits associated with left-handedness like trouble reading maps? Is it abnormal to do some things right-handed and other things left-handed? Are the brains of left-handers different from the brains of right-handers? Laterality: Exploring the Enigma of Left-Handedness examines the research conducted over the past 50 years with special emphasis on twenty-first century research on handedness and translates this literature into an accessible and readable form. Each chapter is based on a question or questions covering diverse topics such as genetic and biological origins of handedness, familial and hormonal influences on handedness, and the effects of a majority right-handed world on the behaviors of left-handers. Summarizes scientific research on laterality Separates fact from fiction in common beliefs about laterality Includes illustrative interviews with left-handers

From Perception to Action: The Role of Auditory and Visual Information in Perceiving and Performing Complex Movements

From Perception to Action: The Role of Auditory and Visual Information in Perceiving and Performing Complex Movements
  • Author : Mauro Murgia,Tiziano A. Agostini,Penny McCullagh
  • Publisher : Frontiers Media SA
  • Release Date : 2020-01-14
  • Total pages : 239
  • ISBN : 9782889633715
  • File Size : 16,9 Mb
  • Total Download : 880

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PDF book entitled From Perception to Action: The Role of Auditory and Visual Information in Perceiving and Performing Complex Movements written by Mauro Murgia,Tiziano A. Agostini,Penny McCullagh and published by Frontiers Media SA which was released on 2020-01-14 with total hardcover pages 239, the book become popular and critical acclaim.

Birth Advantages and Relative Age Effects: Exploring Organisational Structures in Youth Sport

Birth Advantages and Relative Age Effects: Exploring Organisational Structures in Youth Sport
  • Author : Adam Leigh Kelly,Jean Côté,Jennifer Turnnidge,David Hancock
  • Publisher : Frontiers Media SA
  • Release Date : 2021-09-14
  • Total pages : 199
  • ISBN : 9782889713059
  • File Size : 54,6 Mb
  • Total Download : 314

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PDF book entitled Birth Advantages and Relative Age Effects: Exploring Organisational Structures in Youth Sport written by Adam Leigh Kelly,Jean Côté,Jennifer Turnnidge,David Hancock and published by Frontiers Media SA which was released on 2021-09-14 with total hardcover pages 199, the book become popular and critical acclaim.

Cerebral Lateralization and Cognition: Evolutionary and Developmental Investigations of Behavioral Biases

Cerebral Lateralization and Cognition: Evolutionary and Developmental Investigations of Behavioral Biases
  • Author : Anonim
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 2018-08-07
  • Total pages : 457
  • ISBN : 9780128146729
  • File Size : 40,8 Mb
  • Total Download : 268

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Cerebral Lateralization and Cognition: Evolutionary and Developmental Investigations of Motor Biases, Volume 238, the latest release in the Progress in Brain Research series, discusses interdisciplinary research on the influence of cerebral lateralization on cognition within an evolutionary framework. Chapters of note in this release include Evolutionary Perspectives: Visual/Motor Biases and Cognition, Manual laterality and cognition through evolution: An archeological perspective, Laterality in insects, Motor asymmetries in fish, amphibians and reptiles, Visual biases and social cognition in animals, Mother and offspring lateralized social interaction across animal species, Manual bias, personality and cognition in common marmosets and other primates, and more. Presents investigations of cognitive development in an evolutionary framework Provides a better understanding of the causal relationship between motor function and brain organization Brings clinicians and neuroscientists together to consider the relevance of motor biases as behavioral biomarkers of cognitive disorders Includes future possibilities for early detection and motor intervention therapies

How Handedness Shapes Lived Experience, Intersectionality, and Inequality

How Handedness Shapes Lived Experience, Intersectionality, and Inequality
  • Author : Peter Westmoreland
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Release Date : 2023-03-13
  • Total pages : 237
  • ISBN : 9783031238925
  • File Size : 29,7 Mb
  • Total Download : 770

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This book delivers philosophy’s first sustained examination of handedness: being left-handed, right-handed, etc. It engages literature from phenomenology and continental philosophy, analytic philosophy, laterality studies, cognitive science and psychology, gender studies and feminist philosophy, sociology, political science, and more to provide a systematic accounting of the nature of handedness, its basis in lived experience, its effects on bodily performance, its role in varieties of inequality, and its part in oppression and liberation. As a radical asymmetry in the body, handedness plays a key role in human flourishing. It informs both personal bodily movement and social life, from handshakes and high fives to high tech tools made for one hand or the other. Moreover, with left-handers making up just 10% of the population, handedness presents a significant inequality in lived experience. To live and live well, we must understand handedness.

Side Effects

Side Effects
  • Author : Lorin J. Elias
  • Publisher : Dundurn
  • Release Date : 2022-08-16
  • Total pages : 177
  • ISBN : 9781459747579
  • File Size : 9,7 Mb
  • Total Download : 297

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Understanding how right-brain and left-brain differences influence our habits, thoughts, and actions. Human behaviour is lopsided. When cradling a newborn child, most of us cradle the infant to the left. When posing for a portrait, we tend to put our left cheek forward. When kissing a lover, we usually tilt our head to the right. Why is our behaviour so lopsided and what does this teach us about our brains? How have humans instinctively used this information to make our images more attractive and impactful? Can knowing how left-brain right-brain differences shape our opinions, tendencies, and attitudes help us make better choices in art, architecture, advertising, or even athletics? Side Effects delves into how lateral biases in our brains influence everyday behaviour and how being aware of these biases can be to our advantage.

Sighting for Success

Sighting for Success
  • Author : Lyelle L. Palmer,Mary Hagen Rawson
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Release Date : 2009-10
  • Total pages : 28
  • ISBN : 0963707221
  • File Size : 54,5 Mb
  • Total Download : 886

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PDF book entitled Sighting for Success written by Lyelle L. Palmer,Mary Hagen Rawson and published by Unknown which was released on 2009-10 with total hardcover pages 28, the book become popular and critical acclaim.

The Best

The Best
  • Author : Mark Williams,Tim Wigmore
  • Publisher : Nicholas Brealey
  • Release Date : 2020-09-15
  • Total pages : 347
  • ISBN : 9781529355789
  • File Size : 21,9 Mb
  • Total Download : 686

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THE SECRETS OF SUPERHUMAN PERFORMANCE Never have the best sportspeople seemed so far removed from the rest of us, their prowess so unfathomable. So how are these extraordinary athletes made? THE BEST reveals how the most incredible sportspeople in the world get to the top and stay there. It is a unique look at the path to sporting greatness; a story of origins, practice, genetics and psychology. Packed with gripping personal stories and interviews with top athletes including Elena Delle Donne, Pete Sampras, Joey Votto, Steph Curry, Kurt Warner and Premier League superstars Marcus Rashford and Jamie Carragher, it explains how the best athletes develop the extraordinary skills that allow them to perform remarkable feats under extreme pressure. THE BEST uncovers startling truths of athletic greatness-including why younger siblings have more chance of becoming elite, which towns produce the most superstars, the role of informal play and the best time to be born in the school year. It goes inside the minds of champions to understand what makes them perform during high-octane competition, how to hit a baseball or tennis ball in under 0.5 seconds, the secrets of how the best train and what makes a great leader. The book appeals to all lovers of sport, anyone with an interest in psychology and excellence, the parents of budding athletes, and fans of books like Freakonomics, Outliers and Range. It is a deconstruction of what it takes to be the best-and how we can all improve in sport and beyond.

Science of Flexibility

Science of Flexibility
  • Author : Michael J. Alter
  • Publisher : Human Kinetics
  • Release Date : 2004
  • Total pages : 382
  • ISBN : 0736048987
  • File Size : 49,6 Mb
  • Total Download : 557

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Based on the latest research, this revised & updated edition includes detailed illustrations throughout & an expanded section of scholarly & professional references.

Squeezing Minds From Stones

Squeezing Minds From Stones
  • Author : Karenleigh A. Overmann,Frederick L. Coolidge
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Release Date : 2019-04-04
  • Total pages : 240
  • ISBN : 9780190854621
  • File Size : 17,9 Mb
  • Total Download : 564

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Cognitive archaeology is a relatively new interdisciplinary science that uses cognitive and psychological models to explain archeological artifacts like stone tools, figurines, and art. Squeezing Minds From Stones is a collection of essays from early pioneers in the field, like archaeologists Thomas Wynn and Iain Davidson, and evolutionary primatologist William McGrew, to 'up and coming' newcomers like Shelby Putt, Ceri Shipton, Mark Moore, James Cole, Natalie Uomini, and Lana Ruck. Their essays address a wide variety of cognitive archaeology topics, including the value of experimental archaeology, primate archaeology, the intent of ancient tool makers, and how they may have lived and thought.

Brain Asymmetry of Structure and/or Function

Brain Asymmetry of Structure and/or Function
  • Author : Lesley J. Rogers
  • Publisher : MDPI
  • Release Date : 2018-07-06
  • Total pages : 157
  • ISBN : 9783038425502
  • File Size : 18,5 Mb
  • Total Download : 385

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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Brain Asymmetry of Structure and/or Function" that was published in Symmetry

The Science of Gymnastics

The Science of Gymnastics
  • Author : Monèm Jemni
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2017-12-22
  • Total pages : 627
  • ISBN : 9781351789110
  • File Size : 43,5 Mb
  • Total Download : 772

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The Science of Gymnastics provides the most comprehensive and accessible introduction available to the fundamental physiological, biomechanical and psychological principles underpinning performance in artistic gymnastics. The second edition introduces three new sections: applied coaching, motor learning and injury prevention and safety, and features contributions from leading international sport scientists and gymnastics coaches and instructors. With case studies and review questions included in each chapter, the book examines every key aspect of gymnastic training and performance, including: physiological assessment diet and nutrition energetics kinetics and kinematics spatial orientation and motor control career transitions mental skills training and perception injury assessment and prevention, with clinical cases advanced case studies in rotations, vault approach and elastic technologies in gymnastics. A fully dedicated website provides a complete set of lecture material, including ready-to-use animated slides related to each chapter, and the answers to all review questions in the book. The book represents an important link between scientific theory and performance. As such, The Science of Gymnastics is essential reading for any student, researcher or coach with an interest in gymnastics, and useful applied reading for any student of sport science or sports coaching.

Lateralization and cognitive systems

Lateralization and cognitive systems
  • Author : Sebastian Ocklenburg,Christian Beste,Onur Gunturkun, Marco Hirnstein
  • Publisher : Frontiers Media SA
  • Release Date : 2015-02-24
  • Total pages : 315
  • ISBN : 9782889194117
  • File Size : 10,7 Mb
  • Total Download : 583

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Left-right asymmetries of structure and function are a common organization principle in the brains of humans and non-human vertebrates alike. While there are inherently asymmetric systems such as the human language system or the song system of songbirds, the impact of structural or functional asymmetries on perception, cognition and behavior is not necessarily limited to these systems. For example, performance in experimental paradigms that assess executive functions such as inhibition, planning or action monitoring is influenced by information processing in the bottom-up channel. Depending on the type of stimuli used, one hemisphere can be more efficient in processing than the other and these functional cerebral asymmetries have been shown to modulate the efficacy of executive functions via the bottom-up channel. We only begin to understand the complex neuronal mechanisms underlying this interaction between hemispheric asymmetries and cognitive systems. Therefore, it is the aim of this Research Topics to further elucidate how structural or functional hemispheric asymmetries modulate perception, cognition and behavior in the broadest sense.

Agility in Sport

Agility in Sport
  • Author : Jaromír Šimonek
  • Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • Release Date : 2019-10-25
  • Total pages : 186
  • ISBN : 9781527542228
  • File Size : 42,6 Mb
  • Total Download : 367

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This book introduces a new view of agility theory, given recent serious discussion concerning the methods of open-loop skills improvement. It offers experimental research results and theoretical knowledge on both reactive and running types of agility. The book also details a number of agility training methods and exercises.

Handedness and Brain Asymmetry

Handedness and Brain Asymmetry
  • Author : Marian Annett
  • Publisher : Psychology Press
  • Release Date : 2013-04-15
  • Total pages : 416
  • ISBN : 9781134950812
  • File Size : 14,8 Mb
  • Total Download : 416

Download Handedness and Brain Asymmetry in PDF, Epub, and Kindle

Brain asymmetry for speech is moderately related to handedness but what are the rules? Are symmetries for hand and brain associated with characteristics such as intelligence, motor skill, spatial reasoning or skill at sports? In this follow up to the influential Left, Right Hand and Brain (1985) Marian Annett draws on a working lifetime of research to help provide answers to crucial questions. Central to her argument is the Right Shift Theory - her original and innovative contribution to the field that seeks to explain the relationships between left-and right-handedness and left-and right-brain specialisation. The theory proposes that handedness in humans and our non-human primate relations depends on chance but that chance is weighted towards right-handedness in most people by an agent of right-hemisphere disadvantage. It argues for the existence of a single gene for right shift (RS+) that evolved in humans to aid the growth of speech in the left hemisphere of the brain. The Right Shift Theory has possible implications for a wide range of questions about human abilities and disabilities, including verbal and non verbal intelligence, educational progress and dyslexia, spatial reasoning, sporting skills and mental illness. It continues to be at the cutting edge of research, solving problems and generating new avenues of investigation - most recently the surprising idea that a mutant RS+ gene might be involved in the causes of schizophrenia and autism. Handedness and Brain Asymmetry will make fascinating reading for students and researchers in psychology and neurology, educationalists, and anyone with a keen interest in why people have different talents and weaknesses.

Handball Sports Medicine

Handball Sports Medicine
  • Author : Lior Laver,Philippe Landreau,Romain Seil,Nebojsa Popovic
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Release Date : 2018-05-10
  • Total pages : 653
  • ISBN : 9783662558928
  • File Size : 34,5 Mb
  • Total Download : 612

Download Handball Sports Medicine in PDF, Epub, and Kindle

This book is designed to help improve the medical care of athletes across the world who play team handball – including not only handball itself but also such sports as beach volleyball and mini-handball. It provides concise practical information on the nature of frequently encountered injuries, the management of these injuries, injury prevention, and rehabilitation following treatment. Individual sections also focus on physiologic, endocrinologic, biomechanical, and nutritional aspects; special considerations in particular groups of players; and psychological issues. The medical needs of a handball team are explained, and guidance offered on preparticipation assessment and screening. All of the authors are leaders in their field. Their excellent teamwork ensures that the book, published in collaboration with ESSKA, will represent a superb, comprehensive educational resource. It will meet the needs of both handball medical caregivers and handball personnel, providing readily accessible answers to a wide range of medical questions and facilitating effective collaboration among the various professionals involved in team handball.

Left Side, Right Side

Left Side, Right Side
  • Author : Alan Beaton
  • Publisher : B. T. Batsford Limited
  • Release Date : 1985
  • Total pages : 392
  • ISBN : UOM:39015009192116
  • File Size : 32,9 Mb
  • Total Download : 813

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PDF book entitled Left Side, Right Side written by Alan Beaton and published by B. T. Batsford Limited which was released on 1985 with total hardcover pages 392, the book become popular and critical acclaim.

Spinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis

Spinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis
  • Author : Suzanne Clements Martin
  • Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Release Date : 2018-10-01
  • Total pages : 255
  • ISBN : 9781909141735
  • File Size : 47,8 Mb
  • Total Download : 750

Download Spinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis in PDF, Epub, and Kindle

Dr Martin's book provides a theoretical framework and specific progressive exercises in the Pilates environment in their work with those individuals who have asymmetries of the spine, ribcage and pelvis associated with conditions such as scoliosis. This book helps Pilates instructors who want to move beyond basic certification to work safely and effectively with those who have structural and functional asymmetries. The many musculoskeletal ramifications of spinal asymmetry are explained, based on relevant anatomy and current theories of causes of deformity, thus throwing light on an often confusing topic. A developed framework offers practical solutions that will further the body of knowledge in the specialized education of Pilates instructors by enabling them to learn a safe and systematic method of instructing those with scoliosis. This framework helps instructors administer individualized Pilates exercise progressions. These comprise: creating a client profile for the individual; developing concepts and considerations for effective exercise delivery and execution; and presentation of those exercise progressions. In addition, two important aspects not yet found within the Pilates field are addressed. The first is the importance of the significant role, outlining the scope of practice of the Pilates instructor in the care of those with spinal asymmetries. And secondly is to identify separate approaches necessary for differing populations at distinct times of life. Stages such as youth, and adult each require a certain approach. The decades of young adult, mid-life, and elder years present special challenges due to the co-morbidities associated with the adult with scoliosis.

Dictionary of Sport Psychology

Dictionary of Sport Psychology
  • Author : Dieter Hackfort,Robert J. Schinke,Bernd Strauss
  • Publisher : Academic Press
  • Release Date : 2019-02-02
  • Total pages : 336
  • ISBN : 9780128131510
  • File Size : 9,9 Mb
  • Total Download : 591

Download Dictionary of Sport Psychology in PDF, Epub, and Kindle

Dictionary of Sport Psychology: Sport, Exercise, and Performing Arts is a comprehensive reference with hundreds of concise entries across sports, martial arts, exercise and fitness, performing arts and cultural sport psychology. This dictionary uses a global approach to cover philosophical and cultural backgrounds, theory, methodology, education and training and fields of application. Each entry includes phenomenon, subject description and definition, related theory and research, practice and application across sports and related performance domains. An authoritative, balanced and accessible presentation of the state-of-the-art in key subject areas, this dictionary is a must-have reference for anyone studying or practicing sport psychology. Provides a diverse cultural perspective to ensure the broadest coverage of internationalization Covers a broad scope of terms and concepts Includes extended performance domains, such as music, dance, theater arts and the circus Utilizes an alphabetical approach so entries are easily found and quickly referenced Contains entries written by leading researchers and scholars across the globe

Sports Science Handbook: A-H

Sports Science Handbook: A-H
  • Author : Simon P. R. Jenkins
  • Publisher : multi-science publishing
  • Release Date : 2005
  • Total pages : 426
  • ISBN : 0906522366
  • File Size : 53,5 Mb
  • Total Download : 101

Download Sports Science Handbook: A-H in PDF, Epub, and Kindle

A valuable reference source for professionals and academics in this field, this is an encyclopedia-dictionary of the many scientific and technical terms now encountered in kinesiology and exercise science.