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The Arts in Mind

The Arts in Mind
  • Author : Ruth Katz
  • Publisher : Transaction Publishers
  • Release Date : 2003-01-01
  • ISBN : 1412835968
  • Detail : Amajor shift in critical attitudes toward the arts took place in the eighteenth century. The fine arts were now looked upon as a group, divorced from the sciences and governed by their own rules. The century abounded with treatises that sought to establish the overriding principles that differentiate art from other walks of life as well as the principles that differentiate them from each other. This burst of scholarly activity resulted in the incorporation of aesthetics among the classic branches of philosophy, heralding the cognitive turn in epistemology. Among the writings that initiated thi...

Libraries and Learning Resource Centres

Libraries and Learning Resource Centres
  • Author : Biddy Fisher
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2013-06-17
  • ISBN : 9781136387715
  • Detail : This comprehensive reference examines the changing role and design of library buildings, using a critical examination of recent examples from around the world. The authors, who represent the views of the architect and the client, outline the history and changing typology of the library. They examine the new national, public, academic and specialist libraries using numerous international examples including Sri Lanka, Vancouver, Johannesburg, Paris and London. New design advice and technical data is presented to illustrate the many approaches that designers have taken in creating a building with...

Continuity With Change

Continuity With Change
  • Author : Mark Fram
  • Publisher : Dundurn
  • Release Date : 1984-01-01
  • ISBN : 9781554881376
  • Detail : "[Continuity with Change] seeks to document and demonstrate that middle positions between Change and Continuity are possible and desirable." — Canadian Architect "[Continuity with Change] is well produced with a large number of good photographs, maps, and drawings ... obviously designed for a wide audience of planners and others active in heritage conservation." — The Journal of the Society for Industrial Archeology "[Continuity with Change] deserves a spot in the library of any professional who works regularly with older ubildings and their surroundings." — Plan Canada...

Mobility and Environment

Mobility and Environment
  • Author : Corrado Poli
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2011-06-28
  • ISBN : 9789400712201
  • Detail : Mobility and Environment calls for a mobility revolution which does not simply mean taking a bus instead of a car: it implies a dramatic shift in the political debate from a technical to a political culture. The author introduces his book by disputing “non-political” Sustainable Development policies which are among the major culprits for the conservatism in environmental policies. For at least forty years, urban mobility policies, based on compulsive infrastructure building, have failed both in satisfying transportation demand and in coping with high environmental impacts. Nonetheless deci...

Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Author : Kristi Gaines
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2016-05-20
  • ISBN : 9781317932024
  • Detail : Winner of the 2017 IDEC Book Award, 2017 EDRA Great Places Award (Book Category), 2017 American Society of Interior Designers Joel Polsky Prize and the 2016 International Interior Design Association TXOK Research Award Designing for Autism Spectrum Disorders explains the influence of the natural and man-made environment on individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other forms of intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD). Drawing on the latest research in the fields of environmental psychology and education, the authors show you how architecture and interior spaces can positively...

Patios and Gardens of Mexico

Patios and Gardens of Mexico
  • Author : Patricia W. O'Gorman
  • Publisher : Architectural Book Publishing
  • Release Date : 2012-12-19
  • ISBN : 9781589797680
  • Detail : An arched stone gate, a millstone path, a blue-and-white tiled pool with a quiet fountain, brilliant marigolds, stone sculptures of playful angels, and stately lions—the Mexican garden is a serene oasis that displays a diversity and ingenuity that is truly astonishing. Mexico’s temperate climate, conducive to outdoor living, combined with its Indian and Spanish heritage have resulted in a unique style of design and architecture. Through more than four hundred magnificent photographs and detailed text, Patios and Gardens of Mexico displays the amazing sense of variety and originality charac...

BIM for Landscape

BIM for Landscape
  • Author : Landscape Institute
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2016-05-05
  • ISBN : 9781317634003
  • Detail : BIM (Building Information Modelling) is transforming working practices across the built environment sector, as clients, professionals, contractors and manufacturers throughout the supply chain grasp the opportunities that BIM presents. The first book ever to focus on the implementation of BIM processes in landscape and external works, BIM for Landscape will help landscape professionals understand what BIM means for them. This book is intended to equip landscape practitioners and practices to meet the challenges and reap the rewards of working in a BIM environment - and to help professionals in...

Foundations of Landscape Architecture

Foundations of Landscape Architecture
  • Author : Norman Booth
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release Date : 2011-11-30
  • ISBN : 9781118129470
  • Detail : A visually engaging introduction to landscape architecturaldesign Landscape architectural design seeks to create environments thataccommodate users' varying lifestyles and needs, incorporatecultural heritage, promote sustainability, and integrate functionalrequirements for optimal enjoyment. Foundations of LandscapeArchitecture introduces the foundational concepts needed toeffectively integrate space and form in landscape design. With over five hundred hand-rendered and digital drawings, aswell as photographs, Foundations of Landscape Architectureillustrates the importance of spatial language....

Research Anthology on Environmental and Societal Well Being Considerations in Buildings and Architecture

Research Anthology on Environmental and Societal Well Being Considerations in Buildings and Architecture
  • Author : Management Association, Information Resources
  • Publisher : IGI Global
  • Release Date : 2021-05-28
  • ISBN : 9781799890331
  • Detail : When it comes to architecture, there has been a focus on sustainable buildings and human well-being in the built environment. Buildings should not only be environmentally friendly and sustainable, but dually focused on human health, wellness, and experience. This includes considerations into the quality of buildings, ranging from ventilation to thermal comfort, along with environment considerations such as energy usage and material selection. Specific architectural choices and design for buildings can either contribute to or negatively impact both society and the environment, leading research ...

Why We Build

Why We Build
  • Author : Rowan Moore
  • Publisher : Harper Collins
  • Release Date : 2013-08-20
  • ISBN : 9780062277596
  • Detail : In an era of brash, expensive, provocative new buildings, a prominent critic argues that emotions—such as hope, power, sex, and our changing relationship to the idea of home—are the most powerful force behind architecture, yesterday and (especially) today. We are living in the most dramatic period in architectural history in more than half a century: a time when cityscapes are being redrawn on a yearly basis, architects are testing the very idea of what a building is, and whole cities are being invented overnight in exotic locales or here in the United States. Now, in a bold and wide-rangi...

A Place for All People

A Place for All People
  • Author : Richard Rogers
  • Publisher : Canongate Books
  • Release Date : 2017-09-07
  • ISBN : 9781782116943
  • Detail : Richard Rogers was born in Florence in 1933. He was educated in the UK and then at the Yale School of Architecture, where he met Norman Foster. Alongside his partners, he has been responsible for some of the most radical designs of the twentieth century, including the Pompidou Centre, the Millennium Dome, the Bordeaux Law Courts, Leadenhall Tower and Lloyd's of London. He chaired the Urban Task Force, which pioneered the return to urban living in the UK, was chief architectural advisor to the Mayor of London, and has also advised the mayors of Barcelona and Paris. He is married to Ruth Rogers,...

The Routledge Companion to Artificial Intelligence in Architecture

The Routledge Companion to Artificial Intelligence in Architecture
  • Author : Imdat As
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2021-05-06
  • ISBN : 9781000372373
  • Detail : Providing the most comprehensive source available, this book surveys the state of the art in artificial intelligence (AI) as it relates to architecture. This book is organized in four parts: theoretical foundations, tools and techniques, AI in research, and AI in architectural practice. It provides a framework for the issues surrounding AI and offers a variety of perspectives. It contains 24 consistently illustrated contributions examining seminal work on AI from around the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. It articulates current theoretical and practical methods, offers cr...